SC Aviation Makes It Easy.

SC Aviation is more than just a private jet charter operator. The organization is focused on your entire trip.

Flying with SC Aviation is a lot like having your own, personal flight department that can take you anywhere you need to be. Whether you need to get to an important meeting and home again, connect with your group on the golf course or just want to travel without the hassles of commercial airports, we offer world-class service.

Discover the Difference
We Never Drop The Ball
Extreme care goes into the arrangement of every flight down to the smallest details.
Phenomenal Condition
New interiors ensure your comfort and FREE Wi-Fi keeps you productive.
The Nicest Crew & Staff
We demonstrate the difference between a smile and genuine customer care.
We Do What We Say
We don’t lie. No trickery or hidden enrollment fees. That’s just not our style.

Quite simply, SC Aviation is the ultimate air charter service catering to those who want the benefits of private flying and expect convenience, security, predictable costs and a charter company they can trust.